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As well as an historic house and garden, Lyveden is an important and developing site for wildlife. Isolated in the heart of the Rockingham Forest, Lyveden supports many rare plants and insects, including lichens that are only usually associated with the remote northern most counties of the country.

Recent work to return 15 hectares of surrounding farmland to wildflower meadow has further enhanced the wildlife value of the property. Managed with a late hay cut followed by traditional grazing, these areas provide a wonderful habitat for insects and birds, including the recently re-introduced Red Kites. New hedge planting along the lines of original field boundaries and the restoration of old hedges has now linked many of these habitats together.

The 16th century canals, which drift in and out of the woodland, provide a valuable home for dragonflies and kingfishers during the summer. In the evening these areas become the territory of the bats which find an ideal roost during the daytime in the open shell of the New Bield.

Many walks link Lyveden to the surrounding woodland and rural villages including Wadenhoe, Brigstock and Benefield. The opportunity to explore the wider countryside will reward visitors with further history and wildlife of this beautiful area.

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